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Between Mexborough Low Lock and the Devils Elbow on the fork of land between the River Don and the River Dearne was Skitholme.   Not sure where the name originated but ‘holm’ means small island in a river or a low flat piece of land that floods.  Both meanings would apply as Skitholme over the years must have regularly flooded.  What was it used for, on the 1850 map it looks as though there are several large ponds there, so were they fish ponds or were the ponds used for something else, could they have been growing reeds to be used for thatching?  Not only ponds can be seen but also earth banks around the field next to the ponds, were these to keep water in or keep it out?  There were lots of footpaths around and through the area with bridges over the River Dearne.  Could this have been all that was left of a medieval village? The name has been around for a long time as I have seen it mentioned in Court Rolls and old deeds and seems to have been part of Conisbrough as was Wrangholme on the south side of the River Don.

Nearby is a small ox-bow lake with the word ‘osiers’ next to it.  An old name for willow but also willow which was grown and coppiced for use in basket making.   We do know that there were several basket makers in Conisbrough.
This area has now disappeared, wrecked with the building of Denaby and Cadeby Collieries and all that went with them.