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Written by Rev Strawbridge in the Parish Magazine

On 23rd January 1911 Mr C C Allport, one of our promising young men and leader and inspirer of the Conisboro and District Model Aeroplane Society gave a most interesting paper on the above subject.  He dealt with the matter in hand in a most lucid way.  He exhibited three home-made model machines and very fully explained the details and working of them.  

September 1914 An inter-denominational ladies' association for supplying soldiers and sailors and other combatants with useful articles of wearing apparel has been formed and the Executive Committee (appointed on 21st August), consisting of Mrs Strawbridge, (the Vicars Wife), Mrs Roberts-Davies, (the Curates Wife),  Mrs Allport, Mrs B G Appleyard, Mrs Michell, Mrs Norwood, (the Vets Wife), Mrs F Piper, Mrs Ward and Mrs J Williams, will see to the necessary arrangements  for making up materials and forwarding parcels to various depots.

October 1914 From what I have seen and heard and read in the local newspapers during a short absence from home, Old Conisbroughs men have come out and gone forth in very satisfactory fashion at the Country's call for volunteers to serve either at home or abroad during the War.   Out of the sixty or so names that have come under my notice the following have been more or less directly connected with the Parish Church.  C  C Allport, A S C Barnard, W Burton, J W Booth, J Dobson, A Fenn, D Fowler, W Gilmore, C J Hill, C Horsman, E Laughton, J Major, J T Milnes, J B Sargan, H N Smith, C Tominson, H Tomlinson, H Turnbull, J S Turnbull and J M Walton, a veritable Church Lads Brigade, the members of which will no doubt do their duty right manfully as duty calls and opportunity arises. The original idea of a united War Relief Committee for the whole of the Conisboro and Denaby Main area has had to be abandoned very unfortunately, for a more sectional arrangement.  Our own Old Conisbrough people with others at the Glass Works will perhaps be all the better looked after.  The ladies working party is going on very satisfactorily with the making and sending away of serviceable things for campaign or camping purposes and subscriptions also are coming in very freely and may they continue to do so.  Should the war be prolonged as indeed it seems likely we shall be called upon for even greater efforts in regard to men, money and materials.  Time alone will tell.

February 1915 Subscribers to the Church Restoration Fund £1 Mrs G T Nicholson, Mrs Woodyeare & the Vicar 10s. Mrs Forster, Mrs Ogley, Mrs Maclure & Mrs Rawding 5s. Mrs Brewster, Miss Drabble, Miss Dyer - Head Mistress Morley Place, Mrs J Hill, Mr W H Jones (Blacksmith & Capt Fire Brigade), Mr J Sargon, Mrs W Smith & Mr Wilde. 2s 6d. Mrs Allport, Mr Allison, Messrs Bryan and Jackson (shop Church Street),                Mr S Brown, Mrs W Clarkson, Mr Craven, Mr Crawshaw, Mrs downend,           Mrs Greathead, Mrs Hargreaves, Mrs A Lowe, Mrs Norwood (vets wife),               Miss Matthews, Miss Rawding, Mrs A J Simpson, Mrs L Turner & Mrs T Twiby. 2s. Mr H Baker, Mr R J Clarkson, Mr dobson, Mr R Hanley, Mr J Hirst, Mrs Horsley, Mrs Lugar (Fox Inn), Mrs Michell, Mrs Mortimer, Mrs Richards, Mr F Ridgill,            Mr G Senior, Mrs Stoker, Mrs Watson, Mr Walters (possibly the butcher)               Mrs G Webster & Mr Whitefield. 1s 6d. Mr Pearson & Mr C Walker 1s. 0d. Mrs Badger, Mrs Barton, Mrs Bedford, Mrs E Bonnett, Mrs Brownlow,                     Mrs J Brocklesby, Mrs C Carter, Mrs Drabble, Mrs A Greaves, Mrs Gibson,                      Mrs Graham, Miss Hall, Mrs Hare (butchers wife New Hill), Mrs Harrison,                      Miss Harrison, Mr H Harrison, Mrs S Harrison, Mrs Heppenstall, Mr Joyyner, Mrs L Lawcock (wife of Leonard Lawcock shop owner & shoe repairer),                 Mrs Leonard, Mrs Makin, Mrs Marshall, Mrs F Mason, Mr A Moody, Mrs Peck, Mrs Rosser, Mr Troughton, Miss Thrustle, Mrs G Walker and five sums under one shilling. Donors of Provisions Mr G B Appleyard, Miss Barker, Mrs Barwell, Mrs J Booth, Mrs S Brown,                Mrs Cook, Mr W Crowcroft, Mr J Drabble, Mr Dufton, Mrs Fearn,                               Mrs Goodison, Mrs O Greathead, Mrs Hodgson, Messrs Hodgson and Hepworth, Doncaster, Mrs Heys, Mrs W H Jones (wife of Jones the Blacksmith, Low Road),  Mrs Knowles, Mrs F Laughton, Mrs Piper (2), Mrs H Robinson,              Mrs Strawbridge (Vicars Wife), Mrs Tomlinson (2), Mrs Turnbull (wife of                J Turnbull Clothier Castle Street) & Mrs Wilkinson.

August 1915 Permission having been kindly granted for the use of both Castle Enclosure and Keep for yet another open air effor on behalf of our Church Restoration Fund and Messrs Chadwick and Co having very considerably consented to await a final settlement of their now slightly reduced outstanding account until after 26th August will all of you kindly people of Conisbrough, all give a helping hand to make the proceeding of this day a huge success.

November 1915 As Vicar of the Old Mother Church of Conisbrough I have been privileged to take part in two successive dedications of new flags as purchased by and presented to our two local Troops of Scouts - on 25th July and again on 24th October.  The latter occasion being preceded by a very picturesque Ceremony of Presentation of Colours in the Church Square when Mr Francis Ogley took the chief part originally assigned to Mr W Lowry Cole, whose unavoidable absence at the last moment was of course a great disappointment to all who know what a keen interest and active hand he has had in the Scouts of Doncaster neighbourhood.  Their motto 'Be Prepared' is a splendid call to action and should serve as a reminder to us all as to the stern realities of Life's work or Deaths advent. Awaiting the replacement of Curate Mr Roberts-Davies.

9th January 1916 On Sunday 9th January there will be an Organ recital at the Parish Church at 3.15pm by Mr H Douglas Brown with vocal items.  Silver collection for the Church Restoration Fund.

15th June 1916 Open air Fete in the Castle Enclosure by kind permission of Mr W Lowry Cole acting on behalf of the Earl of Yarborough, in aid of the Conisbrough War Relief Committee's Funds, The British Red Cross and St. John Ambulance Societies and the Church Army's special war-tide work amongst soldiers and sailors on active service.  Proceeding to be opened at 3.30pm by Mrs G T Nicholson of Rock House.  Admission by ticket 3d..  For further particulars as to Programme of Events see bills.  Tickets from Mr H Fowler or Mr Geo W Clarkson, joint Hon. Secretaries or the Vicar.

Monday 3rd July 1916 Sunday School Outing to Roche Abbey for Teachers and Scholars eight years of age and upwards.  Mr R Hawley's Traction Engine Train will start as before near Coronation Park at 10.30am.  Parents wishing to go must please make their own travelling arrangements.

October 1916 Let me briefly record the recent erection of a much needed and now artistically executed Hand rail to the Parish Church's Pulpit steps, this being the joint gift of Mrs Allport and her children in memory of the lat Mr C H Allport whose wish it was that something suitable should be placed there during his own lifetime.  However, death suddenly intervened and prevented the fulfilment of this wish.  

December 1916 Fireside Almanacs and Church Bell Calendars for A. D. 1917 may be obtained now through the District Visitors or at the Vicarage.  Price one penny each. December 1916 Please note the Mr & Mrs Dallimore, our new Curate and wife,  are now residing at number 6 Waverley Terrace, Station Road.

January 1917 Owing chiefly to the widespread epidemic of measles Morley Place Day Schools all the Sunday Schools and anyhow our own Band of Hope have been given up and consequently it was best thought to postpone the Annual Tea and Soiree to Thursday, 8th February.  With a full moon on the previous evening this may prove an even better date and attractive occasion - to old and young. Maybe new residents of Castle Lodge. Mr & Mrs Louis Smith of 5 Castle Street we shall I am confident find a very pleasant, trustworthy and painstaking pair of workers whose appointment from a Conisbrough Residents point of view is much more satisfactory for all concerned than if it had been made in favour of any outside applicants. Having decided to give our Sunday School children their usual Feast week Annual Treats, despite War Rationing conditions I trust the Church Collections on Sunday 24th June will prove sufficient to cover all expenses.

September 1917 Owing to the resumption of normal Greenwich time on 17th September and in consequence of the Defence of the Realm Lighting Restriction Order, the Parish Church Sunday Evening Services on 23rd and 30th of September and 7th October will commence at 6.00pm., with the probability of the three o'clock afternoon service being resorted to for the rest of the year and until further notice.   October 1917 We must all be thankful for providential mercies vouchsafed to Conisbrough and Denaby inhabitants during the alarming Air Raid of 25th September's early morning experiences.  And be thankful too for recent victories once more achieved by our gallant fighters in France and Flanders.  Among the fallen we have to mourn the loss of several more 'Honours List' members of the Parish Church congregation and of other ex parishioners and former neighbours. February 1918 The following ladies kindly did the collecting of donations in money or materials this year:  Miss Drabble, Mrs Piper, Mrs Strawbridge, Mrs Urch, Mrs Walton, Mrs Watson, Mrs Webster and Mrs Wallis.  The programme of music and other items was very efficiently carried through by Mrs Dallimore, Mrs J Stevens, Miss C M Strawbridge, Miss Wells, Miss G White, Mr C Burton, Mr Fletcher and Mr C A Wilde.  A hearty vote of thanks was passed at the close of the Social Evenings proceedings as proposed by Mr Dallimore and seconded by Mr W H Jones (blacksmith). Palm Sunday,

24th March 1918 Parish Church Sunday Evening Services resumed at 6.30pm, as per Home Secretary's announcement of 20th February re the commencement of Daylight Saving Regulation on this day.  All clocks and watches should be put forward one hour on the previous Saturday night.

April 1918 Once more we are in advance of the Sun's rising and setting and though the Daylight Saving Act was originally passed by  Parliament as a war time expedient the arguments or reasons for its permanent adoption and continuance are now sufficiently appreciated by most people.

June 1918 In deference to a recent message from the 'Mexbro Times' Co., which has it appears been requested by the Government to undertake work of a very urgent and important character which will interfere considerably with the production of normal work during the next six weeks, the Vicars monthly letter is hereby abandoned.

December 1918 Well, in various ways the inhabitants of Conisbrough and Clifton have duly celebrated the eventful tidings of Monday 11th November.  Flags, fireworks, brass bands, Church bells and Thanksgiving Services.

20th February 1919 Once more influenza's ravages have made havoc this time with our Mexborough printer's compositors' staff.  Hence the nu avoidable weeks delay in the proofing and issuing of this months' Magazine.   CONISBROUGH WAR RELIEF FUND The activities of the War Relief Committee ceased at the end of last year, after more than four years of hard work.  The total amount placed in the hands of the Committee for distribution was £2235 13s 11d.  The total value of relief vouchers granted was £2235. 8s 6d.  Grant to National Relief Fund £5, Granted in Relief of Belgian Refugees was £66 and sundry payments amounted to £30 6s 1d.  Relief Vouchers to the value of £4 9s. have not yet been presented for payment and to meet these there is a credit balance of £3 8s 4d in the Bank.   It should be born in mind that in addition to the amounts given above, the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries War Relief Committee and the Glass Works War Relief Committee have also distributed large sums to their soldier, workman's dependents.  The whole of the work done by the Conisborough War Relief Committee has been of a voluntary character.    W Smith Honorary Secretary

WAR MEMORIAL TABLET Suggested Inscription subject to alterations.

'To the Glory of God and in memory of the men who gave their lives during the Great War 1914 - 1918 whose names we gratefully record as having been worshippers at one time in this Parish Church: Harold Appleyard, Harry Chipp, John Richard Cooper, Henry Curtis, Arthur Davy, William Elliott, John Fiddler, Leonard Hinchcliffe, Albert Holden, William Horsman, Cecil Horsman, Winter Nicholson, Bosdin J Sargon, Norman Smith, Sidney Watson & Harry Wilburn.

The World for us is peopled by her dead
Who found in duty more than is found in fame
Who dared and fought and suffered and are sped
This Building whispers each unanswered name 
At every corner some remembered face 
Smiles, and is gone and Memory takes its place.
The way is long, we will not stay to grieve
For Hope is Memory divorced from Sorrow
The future what the past could not achieve
And Courage never hesitates to borrow
What Danger lends pays interest in  pain
And losing all, will gladly do again.

November 1919 A District Nursing Association has also be recently formed under Parish Council and other lay and clerical auspices and before long we shall, I hope, have a suitable and regualr nurse at work in Old Conisbrough.

27th November 1919 We must all be truly thankfyul for the recently announced big drop in the price of household coal, to be followed, I take it by a proportionate reduction in the cost and consequent price also of gas.  As it is we shall now be better off in this respect than we have been for some time past.

23rd July 1920 Marriages among our own young people or with those living in other parishes have been so phenomenal since the beginning of the year that neither Vicar nor Verger have had cause to complain as to the lack of fees in this direction.  The only wonder being as to how or where all these young could have managed to settle down together in real comfort and with proper conveniences of a quiet home life.  For here, as elsewhere the problem is the great scarcity of available houses and the cost of starting off with a reasonable supply of suitable furniture.  

February 1937 not Rev Strawbridge The Parish and surrounding district is at present in the grip of an influenza epidemic.  There seems to be very few houses in Conisbrough where at least one is not ill.  The day schools were closed and the Sunday Schools followed their example.  The Sunday Schools will re open on 7th February by which time we hope the epidemic has gone from our midst.