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The following item is undated but we know it must be before 1846 as in that year the ancient law on Deodands was abolished. Possibly written 1810-13. The document is a valuation of the Manor of Conisbrough maybe made for the Lord of the Manor so that he would know exactly what his property was worth.

As we can see from this document the living in the village must been very poor as it says that only three houses in the Manor were in good repair. The spelling has been kept the same as on the original document.

The Honour Manor & Castle of Coningsborough consists of a Court Leet & Court Baron and to these Courts belong 16 Townships or Hamlets that pay suit and Service.

The Names of them are:
Barnborough, Harthill cum Woodhall, Braithwell,  Bramley, Hoyland, Coningsborough,  Sandall, Tristropp, Clifton, Trumfleet & Stainforth, Cusworth,  Morthing, Dalton,  Ranfield, Dinnington, Warmsworth, Greasbrook.

There are severall Copyhold Tenants that pay a Fine certain upon every death and Alienation and a Reliefe is also payable upon the Deathe of every three Tenant.                               
All Waifs & Strays and Deodands which happen in any of these Townships belong to the Manor of Coningsborough and there are severall large Commons belonging to this Manor in which there is Stone, Slate and Rudd.
The Farm Rents of this Estate are ann.
£683.18s. 6d.
Castle Guard Rents & Greave Rents Collected by the Tenants & paid clear of deductions:
£44.11s. 71/2
Total £728.10s. 11/2d.
The whole Estate in Lease for 21 years about 6 years expired,
only three houses upon the Estate in good repair.
No Out payments out of the Estate of any kind.
The Taxes are very low.                          

Farm Rents are £683.18s. 6d. a year computed at 28 years Purchase £19149.18s. 0d.
Castle Guard Rents and Greave Rents
£44.11s. 71/2d. a year at 30 years Purchase £1337. 8s. 9d.
A piece of land containing 52 acres whereon there is now growing 3000 young Timber Trees the Timber is valued at £1000 and the Land if stubbed up (coppiced) at £14 a year which at 26 years Purchase is £364 and the Underwood together makes £400 the whole is £1400.

The Manor Profits of Courts by Fines Reliefs Mines & Timber upon the Farms growing £1000
Total £22887 6s. 9d.

Difficult to explain but here goes.
If a cow killed someone it could become a deodand. A deodand was something, ie., a personal belonging, that a Coroners Jury decided had caused the death of a person. It could even be a haystack if it had fallen onto someone causing their death.
It would be put before the jury and a decision would be made as to how much the owner should be fined plus the ‘deodand’ would no longer be his property.
In theory Deodands should have been handed to the Crown then sold and the proceeds given to a religious cause.
If the owner could not afford to pay the fine then the Township would be held responsible as in our case.

Rudd? - can find no explanation for this word but it is possibly some kind of stone, if you know could you please let me know?

Transcribed by
Carol Narey
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