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Note: This house is now known as
the name was changed about 1860.


The greystones at ye mill wants Gearing 14s.0d
The gudgons wants laying 5s.0d
The Ferry House & Barn & Stables want two hundred of thatch & laying on £1. 0s.0d
The windows mending 5s.0d
Four Roods of walling at the Barn and Parler 16s.0d
A window frame and Iron Stantions 5s.0d

This is a copy of an INDENTURE dated 1694
Lady of the Manor of Conisbrough - Lady Mary Heveningham
By 1707 when the copy indenture was sent Lady Mary was deceased, the copy was a way of informing her son in law Sir John Newton her executor what the agreement had been with Nathaniel Shirtcliffe, his 12 year tenancy being complete.

This Indenture made the first day of September 6th year of the reign of our Sovereigns Lord and Lady William and Mary by the grace of God of England King and Queen defenders of the faith and ---1--- in 1694 Between the Right Honourable the said Lady Mary Heveningham on the one part and Nathaniel Shirtcliffe of Conesburgh in the County of York gent of the other And I witnesseth that for and inco……. of the rents and cov……. hereafter referred on the part and beharlve (behalf) of the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe to be paid and performed she the said Lady Mary Heveningham hath demised granted leased betaken sett and to farm letten and by these presentments doth demise grant lease sett and to farm let unto the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his executors administrators and assigns All those two water corn milles with the appurtenances in Conisbrough aforesaid. The one commonly called the Dunn or Nether Mill the other the fall or upper mill with all Dams Wears Streams Water Watercourses Mulctures (tolls millers were/are entitled to usually a 24th part of all grain ground) Tolls Crists Sark Soake and surtain priviledges profits comodities emoluments implements and appurtenances to the same belonginge and all that demolished antient Castle of Conisbrough aforesaid with that parcel of ground called the Castle Dikes and all the customary rent corn due and payable unto the aforesaid mills or castle or any of them out of the severall Townshipps of Dalton Braithwell Cusworth Warmsworth Tristropp or any of them due also all that messuage wherein the said Nathaniel now dwelleth called and known by the name of the Ferry House together with the Ferry Boat and benefit and comoditie thereof thereby arising and the buildings and Stables Foulds Barns Orchards and Gardens to the aforesaid Fferry House belonging and all those Closes called the Ferry Yards and the Fferry Boat and one other close of meadow called the Earls Ing and one other close of meadow called the Ing Roods all which are situate in Conisbrough aforesaid and now in the tenure of the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe. To have and to hold the said Mills and Castle and Fferry House and fferry yards and fferry boat and all other the demised premises with their and every of their appurtenances unto the aforesaid Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his Executors and Administrators and Assignes from the Second day of January next coming after the date of these presentments for and during and untill the full end of terme of twelve yeares from there next ensuing fully to be compleat and ended. Yielding and paying therefore yearly and every yeare during the said terme unto the said Lady Mary her Heirs and Assigns the yearly rent of Sixty and two pounds att the feasts of St John the Baptist and the Nativity of our Lord. Plus if it shall happen the said yearly rent or any part of thereof shall be behind or unpaid by the space of thirty dayes next after any of the said rent dayes whereon the same ought to be paid as aforesaid (being lawfully demanded at the Fferry House) that then and from thereforth it shall and may be lawfull for her the Lady Mary Heveningham her heirs and assigns into the aforesaid demised premises to re enter and the same to reposses and have again as in her and their former state these presentments or anything therein contained to the contrary thereof in anywise notwithstanding and the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe for himself and his executors and doth ……………………. And agree to and with said Lady Mary Heveningham her heirs and assignes that he the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his executors and administrators shall and will well and truely pay or cause to be paid to the said Lady Mary Heveningham her heirs and assignes the said yearly rent above mentioned as the same shall become due and payable on the dayes and at the place above mentioned for the payment thereof. And that the aforesaid Nathaniel Shirtcliffe shall and will from time to time during this present demise at his proper charges and costs repair and amend maintain uphold and keep the said Mills and all other the said demised premises with their and every of their appurtenances in by with and all manner of needful reparations and amendments whatsoever and as often as need shall require during the said term and the same mills and other the premises with their and every of their with the said now weare or sluce so being well and sufficiently repaired upholden and amended at the end or other sooner determination of this present demise shall and will yield and leave up unto the said Lady Mary H her heirs and assignes. And also that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Lady Mary H her heirs and assignes or any whom she or they shall appoint with three persons twice every yeare at anytime betwixt eight of the clock in the morning and foure in the afternoon to enter into those premises or any part thereof and there to view and search the said premises and every part thereof has been repaired.  And that she will from time and at all times find provide prepare carry and allow for him the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his executors administrators and assigns or cause to be found prepared and provided carry and allowed all such quantities of stone and wood and so such as shall be meet and necessary for the upholding repairing and amending the said Mills wears (weirs) Damms and Fferry boat when and as often as need shall require upon notice thereof given to the said Lady Mary H her heirs and assignes or her other agents or servants or any of them. And further that the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his executors and administrators shall during the continuance of this present term and have the use and benefit of all such boons or boon draughts as she the said Lady Mary H her heirs and assignes or her and their agents shall not have occasion to employ for her and their own proposed use to fetch carry and convey all such materials utensills as the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his executors and administrators shall have occasion to use and employ in and about the repaire of the said demised premises and moreover that he the said Nathaniel Shirtcliffe his executors administrators and assignes paying the rents and performing the covenants above mentioned to be performed on his part and also paying and discharging all LEYES taxes and ---1--- which shall become due and payable for the demised premises during the term aforesaid (taxes and ---1--- to our sovereign Lord the King his heirs and successors wholly excepted) shall And may peaceably and quietly hold and enjoy the aforesaid premises during the said term without any lett interruption of the said Lady Mary H her heirs and assignes or any person or persons whatsoever claim ---1--- from or under her. In witnesse whereof the parties to these present have herunto sett their names and seals the day and year first above written.


A particular of the repares of Conisbrough wear (weir) and mills taken by workmen who viewed the same between Landlord and tenant this 29th day of Aprill anno domini 1707 whole names and subscribed.

The weare (weir) to be putt into good tenable repair necessary for a tenant to enter will want 100 piles and 80 yards of timber which being brought to the place will for workmanship of the said piles and timber (for so much of the wear (weir) as we can see which we compute to be 30 yards of said wear (weir) in carpenters work come to the sume of £5.

Note: a part of the wear (weir) is not yet seen.

The carpenter work of the Upper Mill to put into good repair we compute necessaries being found as a fore to the sume of £2.15s.

The masons work of the Upper Mill we compute at the slate being excepted £3. 4s.

Also to be allowed for what setting is wanting of the low wear (weir) 4d. per yard to the mason how many yards will be needful we are ignorant.

The names of the workmen John Bower John Littlewood
Robert Woodall Robert Littlewood Robert Nicholson
Ja Rodes
MILLS & WEIR Upper Mill or Fall Mill (possibly Castle Inn)

The value of repaires upon the view of the former workmen on the landlords parte only taken February 16th 1706.

Upper Mill
The sill and tail sill new head work and tashills (tassels?) the wheel burketting and shrouding and sole mending the outside of the wheelhouse studding and boarding. £3 5s. 0d.
A new cog wheel making and gearing £2. 0s. 0d.
One pair of new stones (grinding stones?) The gudjons both to be laid 5s. 0d.
The slates to be pointed pinned and rigged and some new slates and stone work for the wash £1.10s. 0d.
The woodwork for the wash and shuttle (a means of regulating the flow of water) mending. 10s. 0d.
The bye race wants mending 10s. 0d.
The croft wants mending.
The mill race wants mending £3.18s. 0d.
This is wanting in the Over-fall Mill viewed by Jn. Bower and Robt Nicholson.