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David William Anthony
8th November 1901
A boy named David William Anthony aged 8 years, son of Walter Anthony a miner of 35 Wadworth Street died in the Mexboro’ Montagu Cottage Hospital yesterday from burning injuries.  On Tuesday the lad went downstairs unbeknown to his parents and set himself on fire, he was found with his shirt in flames.  Doctor McClure was called in who dressed his burns and advised that the lad be removed to the hospital.
Mr. George Henry Appleby
11th February 1927
A CONISBOROUGH FUNERAL.  The funeral took place at yesterday of Mr. George Henry Appleby, who died at Avenue, Conisborough, on Sunday.  Born in Sheffield 86 years ago in Lawson Street, where the Royal Hospital now stands, he won scholarship and used to go to wrap “Sheffield Daily Telegraphs’’ at three o’clock in the morning to obtain spending money for when he went to York College. became schoolmaster Norton, near Doncaster, and when the Vicar died, went to America.  On his return he became stock clerk at Messrs. Walker and Hall’s, retiring 15 years ago on a pension from the firm.   He had lived in Denaby eight years and only came to Conisborough in September.  He was a strong Tory and bad been a regular reader of the “Sheffield Daily Telegraph’’ all his life.   He leaves a widow, a married son, and several married daughters.

Mr Joseph Appleyard
25th June 1890
In the death of Mr Joseph Appleyard, Conisbrough has lost one of its oldest and worthiest inhabitants.  There he was born and spent the whole of his life.  A man of splendid physique, iron constitution and robust health he hardly ever experienced a days illness until he was stricken down insensible while walking along the street about two months ago after having run for a train twice in that day.  He ruptured a small blood vessel in the head and a few days afterwards suffered a relapse.  From these two attacks he was apparently recovering and had begun to walk out when on Sunday night, 8th instant, he had a third seizure from which he did not regain consciousness.  Dr Hills of Conisbrough has been in constant attendance and Dr Inkster of Sheffield had been called in twice for consultation.  Mr Appleyard was a self-made man, starting in business over forty years ago and by hard work and indomitable energy and perseverance achieved success and laid the foundation of one of the most important cabinet and upholstery businesses in the provinces which his three sons have carried on for several years in Sheffield and Rotherham.  In his native village he has on several occasions held the honorary position of overseer of the poor and way warden, the latter as well as a member of the burial board until his death.  He was borne to the Churchyard by a car and four horses.  Immediately in front of the hearse walked the clerks of Johnson and Appleyards and a large number of workmen employed at Rotherham and Sheffield. 

Mrs Anne Appleyard
29th March 1904
At the Dale on Saturday 26th March Anne, wife of the late Joseph Appleyard passed on in her 84th year.  Burial on Wednesday at three o clock, no flowers please.
Mr Joseph Appleyard Jnr
5th May 1902
The burial of the remains of Mr Joseph Appleyard junior took place under a heavy shower of rain at Fulwood Churchyard on Saturday afternoon, only the immediate male relatives and two personal friends having followed as mourners from Park Grange.  They were Mr Joseph Appleyard father, Mr Harry Appleyard brother, Mr Walter Appleyard and Mr Frank Appleyard uncles and two old school friends Mr F A   Winder and Mr Tom Gray.  Mr Appleyard elder brother, Lieutenant Wilfred Appleyard still absent at the front in South Africa and his younger sailor brother Mr Percy Appleyard is on a foreign voyage both ignorant of his death.
Mr Joseph Appleyard
25th July 1921
Joseph Appleyard an octogenarian of Old Hill Conisbrough, was on Saturday afternoon found dead, hanging in his private workshop.  The deceased had lived alone since the death of his sister                                 Mrs Simpson a few months ago, he was one of Conisbrough’s oldest inhabitants and owned a good deal of property in the town.
Mr. Sydney Barker
8th April 1932
Members of the Conisborough division of the St John Ambulance Brigade, under Sergeant J. Hirst, attended the funeral of Mr. Sydney Barker at Conisborough, yesterday.  The service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. W. J. T. Pascoe.  Mr. Barker was formerly a sergeant in the Green Howards Regiment, and served eight years in India.  He was a contractor at Cadeby Colliery.
Mr George Battersby
7th September 1860
On the 30th August at Conisbro well and deservedly respected by all who knew him, Mr George Battersby, Innkeeper of that place, in his 84th year.
Mrs Gladys Bentley
20th August 1943
Mrs Gladys Bentley aged 23 of Tickhill Street Denaby Main, who died from injuries suffered in a road accident was buried in the bridal gown in which she was married to Lance Sgt F Bentley a year ago.
Mr J Bingley
9th April 1842
On Tuesday week at Conisbro in the 62nd year of his age Mr J Bingley, baker and confectioner died.
Ann Blyth formerly Booth
3rd December 1877
Ann wife of John Blyth of Conisbrough died aged 57 years.
Miss Elizabeth Blyth
20th April 1874
Elizabeth the eldest daughter of John and Ann Blyth who died 20th April 1874 aged 29 years. 
Mr John Blyth
9th June 1894
The death of Mr John Blyth of Wombwell Main Colliery at his home in Conisbro after an illness lasting just about three weeks during which time he was confined to his home.  The deceased had lived at Conisbro for many years and was held in the highest esteem.  He was prominently identified with the Wesleyan body and contributed greatly towards the cost of the fine chapel in the village.  He was a member of the Burial Board at Conisbro and also a member of Wombwell local board from 1874 to April 1880.  The funeral took place at Conisbro on Wednesday and was numerously attended.  After the funeral there was a procession to the Churchyard where Mr Blyth was interred, having relatives previously buried there.
Sarah Maria Blyth
8th March 1891
Yesterday were interred at Conisbro' the remains of Miss Sarah Maria Blyth, aged 38, daughter of Mr. John Blyth, manager of the Wombwell Main Colliery, who died on Sunday in the presence of several relatives, after only a fortnight's illness.  The funeral was largely attended by sympathizers with Mr. Blyth, and amongst those present, in addition to the relatives, were many Wesleyan friends.   After a short service in the Wesleyan Chapel, where the Dead March was played, the body was interred in the churchyard, the Vicar officiating.  Several exquisite wreaths had been sent by Mr. and Mrs. Kilner, Dr. and Mrs. Hills, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith, and Messrs. Earnshaw, as well as by the mourners.
Mrs Elizabeth Booth
23rd November 1863
Elizabeth widow of Thomas Booth, she died 23rd November aged 79 years.
Mr George Booth
3rd October 1839
Mr George Booth son of Thomas Booth Miller died aged 20.
Mr George Rogerson Booth
17th April 1896
Death of George Rogerson Booth.  Suicide while of unsound mind cut his throat.  Lived at Conisbro leaving village about 1862 at that time a grocer in the village.  In the afternoon he had called to see his old friend Richard Goodlad.  Deceased grandfather who lived at Ferry Farm had derangement of the mind. 
Mr John Booth
3rd March 1893
Yesterday afternoon Mr. George Nicholson, deputy Coroner, held an inquest at Conisbro' touching the death of John Booth, aged 64, who was found dead with his throat cut on Tuesday night.  There was some little surprise that the Coroner did not "swear" the jury and witnesses in the customary by the kissing of the Testament, he merely asked them to raise the right hand and say "I do."   The evidence showed that the deceased had been in ill-health for some time, and that he had been suffering also from mental depression.   A neighbour called to see him last Tuesday while in bed and gave him refreshment.  He complained of feeling very "dry," and drank six pints of tea. Subsequently when visited he was in bed dead with the windpipe severed, and a razor lying near the right hand. There had been no suspicion that the unhappy man contemplated suicide.  The jury returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased committed suicide while of unsound mind.
Mrs Mary Booth
19th February 1850
Mary widow of William Booth.  Mary died 19th February 1850 aged 63 years.
Mr Thomas Booth
18th March 1855
The death at Conisbro’ of Thomas Booth of Conisbro Corn Mills aged 70 years.
Mr Thomas Booth
6th July 1855
Thomas son of Thomas who died 6th July aged 37 years.
Mr William Booth
2nd February 1835
William Booth of Conisbro’ who died 2nd February 1835 aged 69 years.
Mr William Booth
21st February 1843
William son of Thomas Booth who died 21st February aged 30 years.
Mrs. Zillah Brewster
26th August 1938
DIED WITHIN 12 HOURS OF HUSBAND’S FUNERAL The death occurred yesterday, within 12 hours of the funeral of her husband of Mrs. Zillah Brewster, of Doncaster Road, Conisborough.  Owing to the state of her health, Mrs. Brewster, who was 78 was not present at the funeral of Mr. Brewster, a former employee of Conisborough Urban Council.
Mrs Brocklesby
12th April 1929
The death occurred yesterday, after a short illness, of Mrs Brocklesby, wife of Mr George Brocklesby of Holywell Lane, Conisbrough.
Mr John Brocklesby
27th December 1927
Conisborough Preacher's Death Follows a Seizure.   Mr. John Brocklesby died at Conisborough on Christmas Day, eleven days after he had been presented with tokens of esteem by local preachers of Oxford Place (Doncaster) Wesleyan Circuit, to mark his half-century as a local preacher.  It was at this gathering that he had a seizure and was conveyed home, where, after apparent progress, he gradually grew worse.  Mr. Brocklesby who was 68 years old, was born at Holton-le-Moor, Caistor, Lincolnshire, but went to live at Sheffield as a boy, moving to Conisborough 40 years ago.  Thirty-five years ago he was an advocate for urban powers for Conisborough, which had to be satisfied with a parish council.  Once when he was addressing a meeting in Conisborough School on the advantages of urban powers, a brass band came in opposition from Denaby.  All Mr. Brocklesby’s supporters fled, but he stuck his ground, and got a hearing.  He was a member of the Parish Council for a very long term of years and was five times the chairman.  He was on the School Board, being chairman for the last three years of its existence and was chairman of the Education Sub-committee for over 25 years.   He was one of the original governors of the Mexborough Secondary School.   At the first election for Urban District Councillors in 1921 he topped the East Ward poll from nine candidates, in front of anyone else, and was the second chairman of the district council.  He was re-elected in 1924, but this year did not seek, re-election.  He was for 21 years a justice of the peace, was chairman of Don Valley Assessment Committee and served for three years on the West Riding County Council. The funeral service will be held at Conisborough Wesleyan Chapel on Thursday, and afterwards the body will be cremated at City Road Crematorium, Sheffield.
Mr. John Brocklesby, J.P.
30th December 1927
Borne his four sons, the remains of the Mr. John Brocklesby, J.P., were yesterday afternoon carried into the Wesleyan Chapel, Conisborough, where representatives of various Public bodies in the district were assembled. These included members of the Conisborough Urban District Council, the Governors of the borough Secondary School, members of the Education Sub committee, the Citizens’ Association, and the Wesleyan Lay Preachers’ Association.  The cortege was headed by twelve constables of the West Riding Constabulary, with Sergeants Huck and Sparrow and Inspector Varley of Mexborough, under the command of Superintendent Minty, of Doncaster, and the chairman and members of the Urban District Council followed.  In the Wesleyan Chapel the service was conducted by the Rev. J. Lewis Cranford, who said that many had benefited greatly by Mr. Brocklesby’s wisdom, counsel, and advice.  He could not speak adequately of the high services of his public life; he had been chairman of the Council, of the Citizens’ Association, and the Education Sub-committee, had been on the Board of Guardians, and was senior magistrate the Bench at Doncaster.  For 25 years he had been the “poor man’s lawyer,” always able to help with sage advice.  Only the other day they celebrated his jubilee as a local preacher at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.  There was no office in the Wesleyan Chapel he had not held with distinction.  The cremation took place at City Road, Sheffield.
Leslie Bulcroft aged 4
30th August 1930
Knocked down by a motor car in Doncaster Road Leslie Bulcroft aged four years was taken to Fullerton Hospital where he died yesterday morning.

Mr. T. Cafferty
21st April 1923
FUNERAL DRAMA.  While preparing to attend the funeral of a relation, yesterday, Mr. T. Cafferty, widower, aged about 50, of Athelstane Road, Conisbro', collapsed and died.  He had been ailing for a few days but did not regard it as serious.
Mrs Chadwick
22nd December 1849
On the 8th December at Conisbrough in her 55th year Mrs Chadwick late of the Star Inn died in Conisbrough.
Mr Joseph Chadwick
30th October 1840
Death of Joseph Chadwick on 21st October aged 77 years.
Private Jack Chappell York & Lancs
5th August 1916
Private Jack Chappell Y and L, of West street. Conisbro’, who has died from the effects of poison gas, was one of the survivors of the Cadeby Pit Disaster of 1912.  He had been gassed before but had recovered. He leaves a wife and two children.
Mr John Chappell
23rd February 1884
An inquest was held at Doncaster Infirmary on John Chappell aged 50 of Conisbro.  He had been employed by Mr Burniston, of Conisbro, to drive his traction engine.  Last week Mr Chappell was taking a thrashing machine from Clifton to Conisbro and when going down a declivity he got upon the couplings.  The pin bolt of the thrashing machine seems to have broken and the top part of it fell crushing him against the engine, thus injuring his skull and breaking some ribs.  The accident being discovered he was liberated and with all speed he was removed to the infirmary where he died on Monday.  A verdict of accidental death was returned.
Mr William Clarkson
22nd November 1939
FATAL SHOCK FROM FALL The Rev. George William Clarkson, Rector of Dunstable, gave evidence at the inquest at Conisborough to-day, on his father, William Clarkson (75) retired confectioner’s manager, of 6, Morley Place, Conisborough, who died at his home on Monday.   A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.   Mr. Clarkson said that as his father was assisting his mother to the door his father caught his foot on the step, and both fell.  Dr. W. J. Maclure, Conisborough, said the cause of death was cardiac failure following pneumonia of the left lung, and jaundice resulting from the shock of the fall.
Mr R Coleman
2nd November 1931
Mr R Coleman of Daylands Avenue Conisbro’ who for the past seven years had been parochial lay reader at Conisbro’ Parish Church, died suddenly died at his home on Saturday aged 59.  While conducting a service at the Godfrey Walker Convalescent Home last week he had a seizure and had to be taken home.  The greater portion of his life was spent as an office in the Church Army.
Sarah Ann Colley
9th January 1889
Sarah Ann daughter of Charles & Harriet Woolhouse died aged 43 years.
Thomas Coupland Esq
7th September 1872
On the 4th September at The Priory Conisbro, the death of Thomas Coupland aged 73 years.
Mary Curtice
Mary the daughter of John and Elizabeth Curtice was buried on 11th September 1806 whose death was occasioned by fire.
Mr. Daniel Dalton
21st October 1929
In a funeral procession over a quarter of a mile long, Denaby Main yesterday paid its last tribute to Mr. Daniel Dalton, turf commission agent of 76, Tickhill Street, who was found dead in bed on Thursday.  The cortege was headed by a car loaded with wreaths.  The Roman Catholic church was packed at the first part of the funeral service. Canon C. Leteux, assisted by a number priests, conducted the ceremony, and paid a tribute to Mr. Dalton’s character.  Father Spence, of Mexborough, stated that the new Catholic church to be erected in Mexborough would be a memorial to Dan Dalton, who came along with a typical generous gift as first founder.
Mr Thomas Darley
11th November 1843
On Tuesday last Mr Thomas Darley of Conisbro’ Lock died at the age of 68 years.
Mr William Downing
14th January 1928
Mr William Downing a former partner of the now defunct firm of John Downing, Millers of Conisbro’ who was sell know in the village died yesterday at Earlesmere Avenue, Balby.
Mr Herbert Dutton
19th January 1925
FUNERAL OF MR. DUTTON, OF DENABY MAIN.  The funeral at Mexborough Cemetery yesterday of Mr. Herbert Dutton, Denaby Main, was largely attended.  Mr. Dutton went from Mexborough to Denaby Main and was elected to the Conisborough Urban Council for two years on the creation of the Urban District, but he was defeated when he contested the seat again.  Members of the Mexborough and District Butchers Association were the bearers, and the President of the Association (Mr. T. Chambers) was also present.  The Conisborough Urban Council were represented.
Mrs May Forde
19th February 1937
 Funeral Conisborough Doctor's Widow.   CONISBOROUGH, Thursday. Three weeks ago ambulance men and nursing sisters from Conisborough, Denaby, Cadeby and Mexborough attended at Conisborough Parish church the funeral of Dr. Thomas Forde, of Shapsford, Denaby, who had died from influenza contracted while fighting for 15 hours a day the epidemic at Conisborough and Denaby, where there were 6,000 cases.  To-day the ambulance men and sisters assembled at the same church to attend the funeral of Dr. Forde’s widow, Mrs. May Forde (41), who died on Monday from pneumonia.  Mrs. Forde rose from a sick bed to nurse Dr. Forde, caught a second chill and two days after Dr. Forde's death pneumonia developed.  The same clergyman, the Rev, S. Powley, vicar of Denaby, conducted the funeral. The coffin was draped in the same ambulance flag and carried by the same bearers, and Mrs. Forde was buried in the same grave as her husband.
Elizabeth Fowler aged 11 years
11th February 1869
6th February Jane Elizabeth only daughter of Mr John Fowler, Ferry Farm, Conisbro aged 11.
Emma Lady Francis
5th June 1852
The demise of Emma Lady Francis widow of the late Sir Phillip Francis GCB and daughter of the late Rev Henry Watkins prebentary of York and Southwell took place at her pleasant place at The Dale, Conisbrough on Tuesday 1st June.
Emma Gladwin
14th October 1915
CONISBOROUGH FATALITY. A girl named Emma Gladwin, aged 6. daughter of Joseph Gladwin, miner, 15 Coronation Terrace. Conisbro’, died in the Doncaster Infirmary to-day from shock and injuries received by being run over by a waggon at Conisbro’ last night.
Mrs Jane Goodlad
11th May 1839
On Friday week at Conisbro Mrs Jane Goodlad aged 90 years died.
Millicent Goodlad aged 7 years
26th May 1917
Henry Ogley, Groom aged 60 was charged at Doncaster yesterday with causing the death of Millicent Goodlad aged seven, daughter of a Conisbrough Licensed Victualler.  Millicent was playing at Hill Top Farm with two other little girls and it was claimed that the Groom was cleaning his masters gun and not knowing it was loaded put it on a table with the result that the gun went off killing the child instantaneously.  Ogley was so distraught that he disappeared for three days.  The Public Prosecutor intimated today that he did not intend to proceed further.  Henry Ogley was discharged.   The Parents of Millicent were Elizabeth and Horace Goodlad who were the Landlord and wife at the Hill Top Public House.  The Groom worked for Mr Ogley (no relation to the Groom) owner of Hill Top Farm and The Hill Top Public House
Mr Emanuel Gordon
11th February 1915
At an inquest yesterday on a Conisbro miner called Emanuel Gordon who was killed on February 1st in the Cadeby Main Mine by an extensive fall of roof, the jury returned a verdict of accidental death.  The manager of the Colliery expressed the opinion that the fall was caused by an earthquake shock.
Private Fred Goulding
27th July 1915
Private Fred Goulding of the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers was killed in action.
Mr Charles Guest
21st January 1911
The body of Charles Guest carting contractor of Ferry Farm was recovered from the River Don yesterday.  He left home at 4.30 Thursday afternoon to do some business in Conisbrough and on his way home called in at the Castle Inn and left at 7.30.  A little later he called at an off beerhouse and got two bottles of stout which he said were for his wife.  Nothing more was seen of him until his body was recovered from the river by Mr T Booth saw mill proprietor of Burcroft.  It is thought that because of the fog he mistook his way and fell into the river.
Mr Jonathan Hammonds
26th March 1886
A man named Jonathan Hammonds died suddenly while at work yesterday at Conisbrough Brickyard.  He had not been well for some time and had only returned to work a day or two ago, he leaves a large family.
Mrs. Mary Harrison
6th June 1932
The Conisborough Division Nursing Sisters formed a guard of honour at the funeral on Saturday of Mrs. Mary Harrison, who was one of the heroines of the Cadeby Pit disaster in 1912.  Mrs. Harrison died on Monday last, aged 80 and she had been a member of the Conisborough Division since it started.  The bearers were members of the St. John Ambulance Brigade. The chief mourners were Mr. Thomas Harrison (husband), Mr. and Mrs. A. Harrison (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. Walter Harrison (brother-in-law), and Mr. Davison (brother).
Mr James Higgins
5th August 1936
The second fatality in six days at a Conisbro occurred when James Higgins aged 28 years of Doncaster Road Denaby was killed in Cadeby Main.
Mrs. E. Hill
28th December 1931
Social worker’s funeral.  The funeral took place at Conisbrough, on Saturday, of Mrs. E. Hill, of Montagu Avenue, Conisborough, wife of Mr. Tom Hill, of the Trustees of the Denaby and Cadeby Miners’ Welfare Institute.   Mrs. Hill was a former secretary of the Conisborough Labour Party (Women's Section) and was social worker throughout the district, those who attended were Mr. H. president of the Yorkshire Miners’ gyration, who spoke of the work done by Hill, Mr. J. H. Dunk, secretary of the and Cadeby Colliery Company, and the trustees of the Denaby and Cadeby Miners’ Welfare Institute.
Mary Agnes Hubey aged 5 years
21st December 1918
The death has occurred in Fullerton Hospital of Mary Agnes Hubey aged five, daughter of John Hubey, miner, of Adwick Street, Denaby, from burns.  The child went into a neighbours’ house and seizing an apron from the sofa held it before the fire.  The apron got ablaze and set fire to her clothes.  Her mother hearing her screams ran to her assistance and she was removed to the hospital where she died.
Mr John Hudson
9th August 1879
On Monday morning Mr John Hudson of the firm Hudson and Nephew, Corn Millers, Burcroft, Conisbro was coming as usual from Conisbro to Mexbro on business.  On arriving at the Denaby Crossing a Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Goods Train was approaching from Doncaster as also was the Midland passenger train from Mexbro.  Mr Hudson appeared to have waited until the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire train passed and then immediately attempted to cross the line.  He was struck by the engine of the Midland passenger train.  Dr Sykes of Mexbro and Dr Hills of Conisbro were called but the unfortunate gentleman expired shortly before they arrived.
Mr. Harry Hulley
Four Hundred Ambulance Men Head Mile-Long Procession.
The funeral at Conisborough yesterday of Mr. Harry Hulley, of Stone Grange, Maltby, agent for the Denaby, Cadeby, and Maltby Collieries, was of impressive character Work was suspended for the day at the pits with which he had been prominently associated, and the drawn blinds at Maltby, Denaby, and Conisborough deepened the shadows felt by the affected mining communities. The cortege proceeded by road from Maltby, and was met at Conisborough by a parade, over 400 strong, of members of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, composed of detachments from Denaby, Conisborough, Maltby, Brodsworth, Edlington, Dearne Valley, Bullcroft, Mexborough, Askern, Wath, Barmburgh and Goldthorpe, all under the command of District Officer W. Still. Taking part in the guard of honour parade were Assistant Commissioners H. C. Else, H. C. Chambers. O. F. Buxton, and Mr. W. Preston, representing Assistant Commissioner A. G. Gibson, of Rotherham.  With the ambulance men were many nursing sisters.  The officiating clergymen the impressive service in the Parish Church were the Rev. W. J. T. Pascoe, Vicar of Conisborough; the Rev. S. Powley, Vicar of Denaby; and the Rev. G. Hollywood, Vicar of Stainton.  The ambulance headed a cortege over a mile long, and it made its way to the cemetery the road was lined by sympathetic people. The coffin was lowered into evergreen-lined grave, and the committal sentences were uttered by the Vicar of Conisborough.  For a long time after, crowds of those who attended the last rites passed in turn to have a last look at the casket containing the remains of one who had lived up to the best traditions of the coal industry. The Mourners. The family mourners were Mrs. H. Hulley (widow), Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hulley (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. Kenneth Hulley (son), Mr. and Mrs. A. Robinson (uncle and aunt), Mr. Colin Hulley. (brother), Mrs. Gascoigne (sister), Mrs. Bunting (sister-in-law’), and Mr. and Mrs. Knowles
Private R Hutchinson
20th August 1915
Private R Hutchinson a former Conisbrough Glass Hand was killed at Hooge.  Private Hutchinson was in the York and Lancs Regiment.
Private John Kerr
7th June 1915
A military funeral which attracted considerable attention took place at Conisbro' on Saturday, when Private John Kerr, of ‘C’ Co. 2nd Battalion K.0.Y.L.I., was laid to rest amid every manifestation of sorrow.  His father is an engine driver in the service of the Hull and Barnsley Railway Company, and lives at 1 Ivanhoe Road, and the young soldier, who was only 20 years of age, was very popular in the village.   Private Kerr, who was in the Regulars, went to the front soon after the outbreak of war, and took part in the retreat from Mons.  He was wounded in the street fighting at St. Quentin, but made a good recovery, and rejoined his regiment about the beginning of March.   On 17 April he was again in the thick of the fighting, and the struggle near Hill 60 he had the misfortune to be hit in the thigh by shrapnel.  He was removed to hospital at Chatham, where he died on Wednesday after his leg had been amputated.  The body was removed to Conisbro’ on Friday by Mr. W. H. Appleyard and the interment took place on Saturday, an impressive service being conducted by the Rev. J. Roberts-Davis.  About 60 men of the K.O.Y.L.I., from Doncaster, were present, together with the Conisbro’ Boy Scouts, and hundreds of people lined the way leading to the cemetery.  The deceased’s cap and belt were placed on the coffin, which was covered by the Union Jack, and the conclusion of the service a firing party fired three rounds over the grave and the buglers sounded the ‘The Last Post’.
A military funeral which attracted considerable attention took place at Conisbro' Saturday, when Private John Kerr, of Co. 2nd Battalion K.0.Y.L.I., was laid to rest amid every manifestation of sorrow. His father is an engine driver in the service of the Hull and Barnsley Railway Company, and lives 1, Ivanhoe road, and the young soldier, who was only 20 years age, was very popular in the village. Private Kerr, who was in the Regular, went to the front soon after the outbreak of war, and took part in the retreat from Mons. was wounded in the street lighting at St. Quentin, but made a good recovery, and rejoined his regiment about the beginning of March.  On 17 April he was again in the thick of the fighting, and the struggle near Hill he had the be hit in the thigh by shrapnel. was removed hospital at Chatham, where he died Wednesday after his leg had been amputated. The body was removed Conisbro" Friday by Mr. W. H. and the interment took place on Saturday, an impressive service being conducted by the Rev. J. Roberts-Davis. About 60 men of the K.O. Y.L.1., from Doncaster, were present, together with the Conisbro’ Boy Scouts, and hundreds of people lined the wad leading the cemetery. The deceased’s cap and belt were placed the coffin, which was covered the Union Jack, and the conclusion of the service a firing party fired three rounds over the grave, and the buglers sounded the “Last Post”.
Mr. Caleb Kilner
1st March 1920
The death occurred very suddenly yesterday morning of Mr. Caleb Kilner. of Conisborough, chairman of the well-known firm of glass bottle manufacturers, Kilner Bros., Ltd., of Conisborough. Thornhill Lees, and London. The cause of death was heart failure, following in. different health during the last few weeks. The deceased. who was 76 years of age, was born at Castleford, and learnt the glass trade at an early age, and since coming Conisbrough in 1866 had, by sheer ability and bard work, built up one of the largest firms of its kind in England. About a thousand men are employed at Conisborough and Thornhill Lees, near Dewsbury.  His relations with his workpeople were of the happiest character, a fact which was strikingly demonstrated when he reached the age of 70, his employees making him a very valuable presentation as a mark of their esteem.
Charlotte Kilner aged 2 years 2 months
3rd May 1870
Charlotte daughter of Sarah and Caleb Kilner died on the  3rd May aged 2 years 2 months.
Florance Elizabeth Kilner
3rd January 1874
Florance Elizabeth daughter of Sarah and Caleb Kilner died 3rd January  aged 5 months.
 Mr. Gad Kilner
31st October 1894
Mr Nicholson held an Inquest at Conisbrough on the body of Mr Gad Kilner aged 29 of the Conisbrough Glassworks.  On Monday night between eight and half past nine Mr Kilner was out walking with Miss Watkinson of Fern Villa.  He seemed low spirited and complained of feeling ill.  He said he was no use and it was no good his living.  At about eleven o clock that night he went to the room of his brother Mr George Kilner and said he had taken some arsenic.  His brother took no notice at first as he did not believe him but after he had gone to bed he became sick and called for his brother, Dr McCall was fetched.  His sister administered an emetic that produced more sickness and when Dr McCall arrived a stomach pump was applied.  Death took place at half past four in the morning from the effect of poisoning.  The doctor said he did not seem aware of what he had done.  The jury gave a verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane.
Mrs. Sarah Kilner
17th July 1876
Sarah the beloved wife of Caleb Kilner died on the 17th July aged 34 years.
Annie Kitchen
2nd June 1910
Yesterday afternoon the body of Annie Kitchen of Balby Street, New Conisbrough was recovered from the Canal near the Cadeby Colliery.
Benjamin Knowles
3rd August 1878
On Monday afternoon an inquest was held at Conisbro' touching the death of Benjamin Knowles, 35 years of age, deceased, who was a collier, whilst engaged in the mine on Saturday last was severely injured by a fall of coals and died shortly after being removed home. A verdict of " Accidental death" was returned.
Mr. Arthur Laughton
17th December 1904
A very impressive funeral ceremony took place in our cemetery on Sunday afternoon when the remains of the late Mr Arthur Laughton were laid in their last resting place.  The Pride of Conisbro Lodge of the United Order of Oddfellows of which society deceased was a member was largely represented, the members wearing the appointed regalia and the funeral service appointed by the Order was read over the dead body of their departed brother by Mr H Fowler, the secretary.  The late Mr Laughton was widely known and very highly respected in Conisbro.  He leaves no family, his wife dying some few years ago and he had no children.  For many years he was an active member of the Wesleyan Church but of late he had been attending the Baptist Church.  The community is distinctly poorer by the loss of such a man as Mr Laughton.
Mr. Leonard Lawcock
4th February 1921
The funeral took place at the Conisbro' Cemetery, yesterday, of        Mr. Leonard Lawcock, bootmaker, New Hill, who died in his chair at home last Sunday.   He was 72 years of age and had lived in Conisbro' for over 40 years originally from Braithwell.  He was formerly sub-postmaster of the village.
Joshua Lee
29th June 1805
Joshua Lee Turnpike Bar Keeper at Hill Top in Conisbrough
died aged 71 years.
Mrs W G Little
5th December 1883
Mrs W G Little died on 1st December at Rock House in Conisboro.
Rev John Lodge MA
15th October 1865
Death of the Rev John Lodge MA Curate at Conisbrough for 14 years.  Born 16th August 1823.
Frances Grafton Maclean
26th May 1843
At Nether Hall in Doncaster Frances the wife of General Sir Fitzroy Grafton Maclean Baronet the third daughter of Rev Henry Watkins, vicar of Conisbro’ deceased.
Mr W Marshall
8th November 1939
The funeral took place today of Mr W Marshall of Doncaster Road, Denaby Main, who before the Great War played with the Denaby United at right back when Denaby’s ground was in Old Denaby Lane.
Mr George Maxfield
13th May 1865
Sudden Death on Monday last, Joseph Wright, Esq., and inquest was at Conisbro', touching the death of George Maxfield, a licensed hawker, who died suddenly on Sunday last.  The deceased, who was 41 years of age, had a fit about a fortnight ago, and in the fall it is supposed that he hurt his neck, for since that time he had complained of pain the back of the head.   He retired to rest on Saturday night shortly before twelve o’clock, and five o’clock on Sunday morning his wife was alarmed, and on getting out of bed she found that his life was just departing, and he expired before medical aid could be called in.   A verdict of ‘died by the visitation of God’ was returned.

Mr. Walter Milner
11th December 1936
Funeral of Conisborough Agriculturist.
Clifton Mission Church, near Conisborough was filled yesterday afternoon for the funeral service for Mr. Walter Milner (75}, of Manor House, Clifton, well-known South Yorkshire agriculturist.        For more than 30 years he was chairman of the Conisborough Park parish meeting.  The Rev. B. T. Croft (Conisborough Parish Church) officiated.  The interment was at Braithwell.  Mourners Major T. Shearman Doncaster.  Mr R B Frank Doncaster, Mr. F Ogley. Hill Top Conisbrough, Mr W Scrimshaw, Doncaster, Mr G R Hill Clerk, Conisbrough Park Parish Council, meeting', Dr W. J. Maclure and many farmers in the Conisbrough Park area.
Albert Moore infant
11th July 1914
An inquest was held at yesterday the body of Albert Moore, the infant son of George Alfred Moore, of 15, William street, New Conisbro’.  The child died 17 days after birth.  Mrs. Margaret Ann Hatfield, a registered midwife, said she was present when the child was born on June.  The same night she was told that another woman whom she had been attending was suffering from puerperal fever.  She knew it to be a dangerous and infectious disease but she continued to attend Mrs. Moore.   Continuing, the witness said she saw Mrs. Moore once on the 21st June (the day after the child’s birth) and once the day following that.  On the 23rd  June she received a notice from Dr. Dunne, the medical officer, that she was not to attend again until she had been disinfected.   She left a neighbour in charge on 24th June and did not see Mrs. Moore again until the 27th June.
Mr Edward Morton
12th March 1929
A verdict of ‘suicide whilst of unsound mind’ was returned at an inquest at Conisbro yesterday, on Edward Morton, 58, engine driver of 30 Burcroft Hill, Conisbro.  His body was recovered from the River Don at Conisbro on Saturday after being missing from 9th February.
Joseph Needham 21/2 years
6th Jun 1914
A verdict of Death from natural causes was returned at an inquest held at Conisbro’, yesterday, on Joseph Needham two and a half years old, son of Joseph Needham, parcels drayman, of Claremont Terrace, Conisbro’, who died suddenly under peculiar circumstances on Wednesday.  It transpired that on Tuesday night the child was sick. After being nursed on Wednesday he seemed all right, but during Wednesday night he exclaimed ‘Oh’, and died before the father could obtain a doctors presence.   Doctor MacLure said there were no symptoms of poisoning. The child might have been starting with bronchitis pneumonia as he had bronchitis previously.
Mrs. Minnie Coax Nicholson
12th February 1936
CONISBORO’ FUNERAL RELATIVE OF TWO FORMER MAYORS The funeral took place yesterday afternoon of Mrs. Minnie Coax Nicholson, wife of Mr. H. E. Nicholson, of Doncaster Road, Conisborough, a well-known South Yorkshire garage proprietor. service at Conisborough Parish Church preceded the interment at the Rose Hill Cemetery, Cantley, Doncaster. Mrs. Nicholson was a daughter of the late Alderman Mark Dowson, former Mayor Doncaster, and sister of ex- Alderman Ernest Dowson, Mayor Doncaster.
Mr Edward Morton Nicholson
19th January 1889
Deceased on the 15th January at Ashfield House Conisbrough Mr Edward Morton Nicholson aged 37 years.
Mr. George Thomas Nicholson
30th July 1912
The funeral Mr. George Thomas Nicholson, of Rock House, Conisbro’, took place at the Doncaster Cemetery yesterday.   Mr. Nicholson, who was aged 72 and had been ailing for some time, died Thursday night.  He carried on business as a brewer in Conisbro’ from 1878, but some years ago disposed of the business to Messrs. Whitworth, Son, Nephew’, of Wath, of which company he had been a director.  He was a churchwarden of Conisbro’ Church.  The ceremony was conducted by the Rev. W. A. Strawbridge, Vicar of Conisbro’, assisted by the Rev. C. P. Mellor, curate.  The principal mourners were Mrs. Nicholson, widow, Mr. Winter and Mr. Morton Nicholson, sons, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholson, brother and sister-in-law, Hatfield, Mr. Frank Allen, son-in-law, Doncaster (district Coroner), Alderman C. D. Nicholson, J.P., Stainton Manor, Mr. R. W. and Mr. G. Nicholson, late of Alverley, and now Doncaster, cousins, Mr. H. E. Nicholson, nephew, Doncaster, and Mr. G. Winter, Scarborough, and Mr. D. M. Nicholson, Wath.  The firm was represented by Mr. H. Whitworth, Scarborough Hall, near Beverley, Mr. F. A. Kelley, Harrogate, Mr. H. Windle and Mr. W. Stones, Wath.  Among others present were  Dr. and Mrs. Maclure, Conisbro’, Messrs. G. H. Hargreaves, John Lowe, R. Hanley, W. Jones, A. Hodgson, C. Ledger, G. Goodwill, R. Clarke, and W. J. Lazenby, of Conisbro, Mr. J. G. Lambourn, Hexthorpe, Mr. W. Theobold, Doncaster, and Mr. G. Searle, Wheatley.
Mr G T Nicholson brewer
25th January 1913
Maltster and Brewer Mr G T Nicholson died leaving £100,776 in his Will.
Mr William White Norwood
11th June 1937
Mr William White Norwood, meat Inspector, to Conisborough Council, who had practised at Conisborough for nearly 50 years as a veterinary surgeon, died yesterday at the age of 71 years.
Mrs Ogley
19th October 1850
On Saturday last, Mrs Ogley, relict of the late Mr William Ogley, of the Eagle and Child Inn Conisbro. 
Mr Francis Ogley
2nd November 1894
The death of Mr Francis Ogley of Hill Top died today.  Mr Ogley had been indisposed for some time his death being caused by Dropsy.  He was for many years a Guardian but retired his seat allowing his son to step in.  Mr Ogley was a Conservative in politics.
Mr Francis Ogley
20th July 1870
Mr Francis Ogley died at Castle Terrace, Conisbro, aged 70 years.
Mr. Horace Ogley
16th September 1902
The death took place suddenly yesterday morning Mr. Horace Ogley, of Hilltop, Conisbro', brother Mr. Francis Ogley, a well-known horse breeder. The deceased retired to rest on Sunday night apparently in his usual health but was found dead in his bed next morning. Deceased, who was 29 years of age, was well known in the district
Mr. William Percival
5th June 1935
At the funeral at Conisborough, yesterday of Mr. William Percival of St. Andrew's Road, Conisborough for 23 years in charge of the rescue apparatus at Cadeby Colliery, the coffin was draped in black, with the St. John Ambulance Brigade emblem upon the drapings.   Resting on top of the coffin were his ambulance cap and belt.
Clifford Peters aged ten years
30th May 1950
Clifford Peters aged ten the only son of Mr & Mrs J Peters of 15 Adwick Street, Denaby, was drowned at Denaby yesterday afternoon.  He was playing on the river bank about 100 yards from the lock with two other boys.  His companions heard a splash and Clifford disappeared.  Henry Jenkinson of Firbeck Street and G Armison of Clifton Street dived repeatedly into the water but could not find the boy.  His body was recovered in the evening.
Mr John Piper
27th April 1898
Yesterday a fatal accident occurred at Messrs & Crawshaw's Brickworks, Conisbrough.  The Foreman, John Piper, aged about sixty was standing by a stack of bricks when he was crushed between a truck and the brick stack and so badly injured that he died within the hour.
Mrs Sarah Ann Piper
31st March 1894
The body of Sarah Ann Piper aged 45 wife of John Piper of Conisbrough was found in the River Don near Levitt Hagg.  The deceased had been a great sufferer from neuralgia and this was believed to have affected her mind.  There were no marks of violence on her body.
Mr James Prendergast
14th December 1899
Yesterday a shocking fatality occurred at Conisbro Station, James Prendergast aged 64 years being killed under painfully distressing circumstances.  It seems he had gone to the Station in the company of his three sons who were Reservists the intention was for the sons to take the train to Doncaster then onto Pontefract to join the York and Lancaster Regiment.  While waiting on the platform some snowballing took place, the deceased seems to have been struck, he moved backwards and fell from the platform onto the rails below.  Death was instantaneous.
The body was taken to the Station Hotel to await the inquest.  Two of the sons proceeded to Pontefract but one remained behind.  The deceased was well known and respected and the distressing occurrence caused quite a sensation.
Mr William Rogerson
8th April 1848
On Saturday after a long and tedious illness borne with Christian patience and resignation in his 65th year, Mr William Rogerson farmer died at Conisbrough.
Mr Vincent Rose
22nd July 1929
Mr Vincent Rose of 10 Denaby Avenue, Conisborough, died in Fullerton Hospital on July 20th. The funeral will be held on 23rd July at Conisborough Cemetery with a service at Wesleyan Chapel, Conisborough, at 3p.m.   Will friends kindly accept this invitation to attend the Wesleyan Chapel.
Mr Vincent Rose
24th July 1929
One of the conveyances in a Conisborough funeral cortege was involved in a mishap near the Wesleyan Church yesterday afternoon. There was a full chapel for the first part of the burial service of the late Mr. Vincent Rose (80), of Conisborough, who retired six years ago after 46 years’ service as engineer at the Cadeby Colliery.  The bearers were carrying the coffin down the aisle when the accident occurred.  One of the motor vehicles at the rear of the cortege was struck by a car driven Mr. J. Lumb, licensee of the Alma Inn, a tyre being burst and other damage done.  The funeral car was bumped into a horse-drawn vehicle, startling the animals, but there was no further damage.  At the cemetery, where Councillor J. Smythe continued the service, Mr. Wilkinson (Cadeby), Mr. Whittam (Denaby), and Mr. R. J. Rosser (Cadeby), represented the Colliery Company.
Mr. George Frederick Rumble
14th July 1938
Sergeant George Wyatt, V.C., was among the mourners at the funeral at Conisborough yesterday of Mr. George Frederick Rumble, of Prior Road, Conisborough, a former member of the old Bolton-on-Dearne Urban Council and a former secretary the Hickleton Main branch of the Yorkshire Mineworkers’ Association.  Mr. Rumble, who at one time was a member of the West Riding Constabulary at Goldthorpe, served in the Coldstream Guards Mons during the War with Sgt. Wyatt.  Mr. Rumble gained the Mons Star and Rosette.
William Ryan
2nd June 1887
An inquest was held yesterday at Conisbrough on the body of William Ryan a boy who was drowned while attempting to shoot swallows with a catapult from the bank of the Don.  A verdict of Accidentally Drowned was returned.
Mr. Henry Sargan
22nd June 1938
Nearly every resident of Clifton, near Conisborough, followed the cortege at the Conisborough funeral yesterday of Mr. Henry Sargan (75), of Carr Grange Farm, Conisborough Parks, who had been a well-known agriculturist for nearly 50 years.  A service in Clifton Mission Church, which he had helped to build, preceded the interment at Conisborough cemetery.
Mr Robert Henry Sharp
7th November 1922
STALWART BAPTIST DEAD Mr. R. H. Sharp aged 83, head the firm of Messrs. R. H. Sharp and Son, coal merchants, Conisbro’, died last evening at his home The Terrace House.  Mr. Sharp was a well-known Baptist and took the chief part in the erection of the Baptist Chapel, nearly twenty years ago.  This building is now to be demolished for the building of a new one, the final sermons having been preached on Sunday, and the demolition commencing on the day of Mr. Sharp's death.
Mr Thomas Shutt
27th March 1895
DEATH OF A WELL-KNOWN CONISBRO* MAN. Mr. Thomas Shutt, late landlord of the Red Lion Inn, at Conisbro', died on Monday.  He was at one time one of the best cricketers in the locality, and always retained his interest in the Conisbro' Cricket Club, of which he was treasurer.
Mr George William Smith
28th September 1896
A labourer named George William Samson aged 25 of Conisbro was drowned on Friday night.  Accompanied by a friend named Sydney Mountjoy the deceased entered a boat on the river and they were rowing when the mishap occurred.  A strong current was running at the time owing to the continuous rainfall and the boat got carried to the weir.  The men could not prevent this and the boat was overturned.  Mountjoy is said to be a strong swimmer and he made for the bank and managed to get out of the water. Samson was drowned.  The body was not found until Saturday and it had drifted a considerable distance.
Mr William Henry Smith
2nd September 1920
The death occurred yesterday of Mr William Henry Smith of 5 Low Road, Conisbro’.  Sixty years of age he was a member of the Parish Council, Parochial Committee, Education Committee and Chairman of the Conisbrough War Memorial Committee, the local Hospital Committee and the Rotherham Branch of the National Farriers Association.  A Blacksmith by trade and in his spare time he was a Conisbro’ fireman.
Mr Moses Soar
23rd February 1929
Mr Moses Soar aged 64, of Station Road, Conisbro, head of one of the departments of one of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries offices died yesterday after a short illness.  He was conductor of the Band of the Denaby Main Corps of the St John Ambulance Brigade.
Mr. Thomas Stacey
6th September 1933
There was a very representative gathering the at the funeral at Conisborough yesterday of Mr. Thomas Stacey, of Butterbusk Farm, Conisborough.  He was one of the better-known agriculturists in South Yorkshire.  Mr. Stacey died on his 77th birthday on Saturday after a short illness.  He was a founder of the Tickhill Show, Maltby Show, the Yorkshire Farmers’ Union, and was greatly in demand as a judge.  The funeral was conducted by the Rev. W. Raby, Methodist Minister at Conisborough.  The coffin was borne on a farm dray.
Rev. William Alfred Strawbridge
18th October 1926
The Rev. William Alfred Strawbridge, Vicar of Conisbrough was discussing Church matters in Church with his lay reader on Saturday when he suddenly collapsed.  He was removed to the vicarage nearby and died there within a few minutes.  Since 1897 he had been vicar of Conisbrough.  He leaves a widow and three daughters.  Whilst at Conisbrough he devised a list of all vicars there for the last 800 years.
Mr. Reginald Troughton
9th November 1931
Mr. A. R. Troughton, Chemist, of Conisborough, was found dead yesterday morning.  When it became late for him to come downstairs to follow his usual custom of attending the Wesleyan Chapel, the maid became alarmed. There was no response to a knock and call and Mr. F. Robinson, who lives nearby, was called in.  He opened the bedroom door and found that Mr. Troughton had apparently died in his sleep and had been dead for some hours. The deceased, who was 69 years of age, lost his wife about year ago, but had appeared to be in good health.  During the war he served on various committees and was special constable.  Since then he served for some years on the local education sub-committee but resigned from the chairmanship owing to failing hearing.  He was a prominent worker at the Wesleyan Chapel, where he held office and was a trustee.
Mrs. Mary Anne Troughton
2nd July 1930
Conisborough lost one of its best public workers yesterday by the death of Mrs. Mary Anne Troughton aged 68, wife of Mr. Arthur Reginald Troughton, chairman of the local education sub-committee, of Eldon House, Conisborough.  During the war she served on the Denaby War Relief Committee, and as an official at the Wesleyan Chapel.  She was superintendent of Conisborough Nursing Division and founder of the Balby Street Clinic, secretary of the Women’s Unionist Association, organiser of the majority of flag days in the town and she also took charge of the annual collection of eggs for hospitals.
Mr Godfrey Walker
17TH July 1908
The remains of Mr. Godfrey Walker, J.P., of the Priory, Conisbro’, and who died at Exeter on Monday, were interred in the Warmsworth Churchyard yesterday, in the presence of large assembly. The service was conducted the Rector of Warmsworth.  The principal mourners were:  Mrs. Walker. widow; Mr. Richard Walker, brother, Exeter: Dr. Tempest Anderson, brother-in-law; Mr. Yarborough Anderson, London; Mr. William Wasteney, Easton Abbey, Stamford; Mr. Basil Hobson, Mr. Godfrey Crawshaw. Mr. Lionel Crawshaw, Mr. Robin Craw w, and Miss Crawshaw.  Amongst those also present were; Messrs. F. Ogley and W. W. Norwood, representing the Conisbro’ Conservative Association; Messrs. J. Hall Martin. J. Gillott, H. Mills, J. Hargreaves, and G W. Laughton, representing the Conisbro' Cricket Club; Mr. W. Lowry Gale, representing the Doncaster Conservative Association; Mr. E. Walker Jackson, J.P.; Mr. C. Kilner. J.P.; Mr. J. Brocklesby, J.P.; Mr. W. Rockett, Clerk to the West Riding Magistrates; Hickes; Mr. F. D. Foster, Thorne; Mr. H. A. Brundell, Doncaster; Mr. F. E. Nicholson, Doncaster; Mr. G. T. Nicholson, Conisbro’; the Rev. W. A. Strawbridge, Vicar of Conisbro’; the Rev. C. P. Mellor, Curate; the Rev. G. H. Stocks, St. Clement’s, York (formerly vicar Conisbro’). Messrs. B. J. Clarkson. R. J. Clarkson, G. Appleyard, J. K. Greathead, .I. Hawksworth. J. Sargan. A. Whitefield, R. Hawley. Wm. Carter. E. Laughton. A. Wheatley, F. Hill, G. Lewis, Conisbro'; Mr. W. Jones, captain of the Conisbro’ Fire Brigade; Mr. T. Dawson, Doncaster; Mr. J. and a large number of deceased’s employes. The floral tributes, which were of exquisite design, were as follows: "In loving memory of Godfrey Walker." "An old and faithful friend."
Mr M J Walker
4th December 1838
On Saturday week, at Conisbro, aged 32 years, Mr M J Walker of the firm Walker, Eaton and Co of Conisbro, died after a painful and protracted illness.
Mrs Anna Maria Watkins
28th May 1843 Sunday
Died at Conisbro in her 91st year Anna Maria relict of the late Rev Henry Watkins, Prebentary or York and Southwell, Rector of Barnburgh, Vicar of Conisbro and mother of the Rev H Watkins Vicar of Silkstone.
Rev Henry Watkins
22nd November 1829
On the 22nd November at Conisbro, the Rev Henry Watkins in his 87th year died, he was sincerely lamented by all his parishioners and friends.  The fifty-nine year resident vicar of Conisbro was also Rector of Barnburgh and it is likely that he was the one responsible for building the tower that stood for many years on Dale Road.  Rev Watkins was also the Senior Prebentary of York and Southwell Churches.
Mr Samuel Whitfield
31st July 1915
Mr. Samuel Whitfield, of Mount Pleasant, Conisbro’, who died 24th May, aged 78 years, has left property of the value of £15,651. 18s. 4d. gross, including net personalty of £5,568. 6s. 5d.
Mr Charles Woolhouse
11th July 1895
Charles Woolhouse died at Conisbro’ aged 78 years.
Mr George Woolhouse
9th May 1846
George Woolhouse died a week last Friday at Conisbro in his 70th year.
Harriet Woolhouse
30th Jun 1883
Harriet Woolhouse died on 30th June.
Rev. George Wright MA
22nd January 1867
The Vicar of Conisbro’ for the past twenty years died on Thursday after an illness of almost two years.  He was highly respected by the parishioners.

Samuel Whitfield Obituary