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A great number of important parks throughout the County which are shown on the maps of Saxton (1577) and Speed (1610) have long since disappeared.  Prominent amongst these was the Earl of Shrewsbury's Great Park at Sheffield which in 1637 had a circuit of 8 miles.  There were several small parks near Rotherham.  Wakefield was surrounded by parks; the largest of these was the New Park which had 200 fallow deer in 1539; Wakefield Old Park, a paddock close to the castle, was stocked at the same time with 40 deer.  Pontefract Park which had 434 fallow deer in 1539, and Credling Park was stocked with 60 deer.
The Great Park of Conisbrough to the south-west of Doncaster had a large herd of 440 Fallow Deer.