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The Conisbrough Ivanhoe Cycling Club
There has been a cycling club in Conisbrough since the late 19th century although there have been breaks in the continuity.  

The last club dates from its inauguration on 18th April 1930.
Over the years since that day, as with most Clubs there have been highs and lows. The Second World War saw the club go into a period of suspended animation but when peace came at last young hopefuls in the area found that a conscientious member had kept the Ivanhoe’s name in being by continuing to affiliate throughout the war years.
Over the post war years the Club had many well known and talented riders on its books.  In competition they have included National Champions, BBAR winners, Competition Record Breakers and even a Tour de France rider.   Others have ranged far and wide in order to uphold the name of the Ivanhoe in all aspects of the sport and pastime. The first twenty five miles event took place in 1954 with three different promoters. In 2003 we saw the fiftieth annual promotion although in 1989 the weather took a hand and that year the event was completely snowed off. In 1979 a tandem event was added.
Sadly the Club disbanded in 2003.