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Conisbrough Brickyard, formally Ashfield Brickworks
The location of the brickyard was on the corner of Clifton Hill and Sheffield Road and the materials for the brickyard were quarried on site.  The background of the picture shows the town center including the Wesleyan Chapel (centre).

Ashfield Brickworks at Conisbrough were established around 1880 by Walker & Crawshaw, they became Conisbrough Brickworks in 1920.  The Brickworks most famous product was the Conisbrough Red Facing Brick, used extensively in Yorkshire and adjoining counties.  In Conisbrough the local Urban District Council used Conisbrough Rustic bricks in the New Housing Scheme at Daylands Avenue and other streets.  Denaby Main Institute, private residences in Doncaster, Bridlington, Worksop, Leeds, the list is endless.

Among other items produced were chimney pots, copings, garden edging tiles, ornamental bricks, moulded headers, ridge tiles, rosettes, in fact everything needed in the construction industry of that nature of this period. 

A high quality clay bed was the reason for the brickworks being here which ran out about 1956 causing the works to close down.

The immediate social effect on Conisbrough was that houses were no longer built of stone but of bricks from the local brickyard.  It also meant that quite a number of local men and boys and some women found employment at the brickyard. 
During WW2 the brickworks were used by the army as a tyre depot employing army personnel and civilian staff from Conisbrough.

South Yorkshire Times
26th March 1926

Last week, Thursday, 69,000 bricks were sent out of Conisbrough Works and over 63,000 on Friday.  A new continuous kiln is nearing completion.

Smith & Co      Brickmakers in the Castle Plantation

20th March 1834
Dissolving of partnership
John Smith and George Flint of Conisbrough Timber Merchants and Brick and Tile Manufacturers of Conisbrough.

5th April 1845
Dissolving of partnership
Smith and Co from J Bell Brick Manufacturers of Conisbrough
Elizabeth and Mary Smith in partnership with John and Anne Bell.  John removed from partnership.

6th June 1846
Plantation Brickyard
Elizabeth Smith & Mary Smith of Conisbrough, Brick Manufacturers declared Bankrupt.