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Braim and Cooper from the book written by Allan Marsh

For many years Braim and Cooper processed huge quantities of bones many of which were sent here from Argentina.  Any remaining meat was stripped off and sent away to be made into dog food and the bones were boiled with what was extracted being turned into glue and fat.   The shanks were sawn off and sent to Sheffield, to the cutlers, to be turned into knife handles with the remnants of the bones being ground down to produce bonemeal fertiliser.  The fat was sent to Gerrards to be made into soap and the plentiful supply of maggots were made available to the fishermen in the area.  The smell was distributed locally. The building where much of this happened was on Sheffield Road not far from the Red Lion.  When workmen were digging out the road to bury gas pipes in the 1960s a large stone water trough was discovered, it was twelve feet below the road surface which would suggest that the road had been raised quite a lot over the years.

Brookside was the house attached to the fat works and Mr Cooper, one of the partners lived there for many years until he acquired Rock House.