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The easiest way of describing an Almshouse would be to say that it provided charitable accommodation for elderly, poor people. The difference between this and the workhouse was that those in the workhouse, all ages,  had to work for their keep whereas those living in the almshouse received charitable help.  The workhouse was the last resort of the destitute but the people being offered accommodation in an almshouse had been specially selected and in being selected had gained a certain status.

Almshouses have existed for over one thousand years, the first one being founded by King Athelstan in York in the 10th century, the oldest still in existence is the Hospital of St Cross in Winchester, dating back to around 990AD.

At the present time there are over 30,000 almshouses in this country giving accommodation to 36,000 people.

A row of Almshouses that were built in Conisbrough next to where the old Police Station on Castle Street were demolished in the 1930s.